perjantai 14. tammikuuta 2011

days 158 and 159

Packing. OH how I hate it. I've been tying to pack, but for some stupid reason I'm still not quite done. Maybe I shouldn't spend my time at Starbucks browsing on the net?

Today I've been OFF all day, let me just tell you how amazing it was! I slept till my dear Ann-Cathrin called and woke me up around 11, after which I browsed on the net for a good half an hour. After that I decided it's time for breakfast (in front of the TV, of course), I made chocolate chip pancakes with a bowl of fruits and some strawberry kiwi yogurt. Yummy! Next I decided to browse on the net a little more.. At some point I threw some clothes in my carry on, then I realized I need to run some errands (for example get some cash for the train) so besides the bank I ended up browsing on the net at Starbucks for couple of hours.. I came home for like an hour (to pack and print out some flight information..), I of course browsed on the net a little to make the packing a little more fun.. Then I went back to Starbucks to play some cards (and browse on the net) with Chris. I came home again for an hour or so to start writing this and to give the kids huge long hugs. Now I'm almost on my way to pick Ann-Cathrin up from the train station, and then we'll go out for dinner (cheeeseeee, here I come!). So how amazing is it to be off all day when the others are working? AMAZING. :D

Oh I almost forgot to tell about yesterday.. I spent the morning with L, she was a little sick so we didn't do anything special (expect from the Walgreens thing). In the afternoon I started thinking about packing, and in the evening I babysitted cuz my host dad's parents came over so my host parents went out for dinner with them. I watched Grey's anatomy and went to bed early, yay. Tomorrow I'll set the course for Seattle and my very own Derek, YAY!!!!!

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