sunnuntai 9. tammikuuta 2011

days 152, 153 and 154

Weekends fly by way too fast.. Could someone please double the weekend time?

Here's my weekend in not-so-great-detail:

On Friday I went bowling with a group of girls, and to my delight I totally kicked their asses! (;P)

On Saturday I put the kids to bed, cooked with the swedes and 'watched' one of the weirdest movies ever (Inception). I still cannot understand how they got that dreaming machine from the first dream to the second and then to the third and even to the fourth..

On Sunday I woke up late and got bored when talking on Skype, suffered from an allergic reaction (and spent 20 dollars on allergy medication, to me that's 20 dollars too much. But at least I got some medication for the future as well.) I decided I cannot be allergic to pineapple so it had to be the mac n cheese I had..hahah:< Anyway, in the evening I played cards with Chris and Karl, and watched Prison Break which is actually starting to be like a tradition for us. I cannot believe I live 20 minutes away from one of the biggest cities in the States, seriousLY, it really doesn't feel like that. Instead, it's almost the same than back in Finland- always hard to find out something to do. I have started to very much dislike American winter, it makes everything so much harder..

So, in conclusion, where did the weekend go?

PS Five days till Seattle, whoho!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Inception oli ehkä yks hienoimmista elokuvista ikinä! : D Ja miten kiinnität huomiota tollasiin asioihin? On siinä paljon sekavempiakin kohtia mitä on vaikea selittää mut ton voi selittää vaikka sillä et ne uneksi sen sinne :)

  2. Karl tykkäs siitä hulluna, Chris ja minä nukahettiin hetkeks :D Hahahah hyvin selitetty:P melko paska leffa on melko paska leffa, ei siitä mihinkään pääse;P se nyt vaan oli täynnä outoja kohtia joista toi jäi päällimmäisenä mieleen..