keskiviikko 12. tammikuuta 2011

days 155, 156 and 157

Monday was a weird day, as I already mentioned.. I worked and played cards at Starbucks with the swedes. If I remember correct I kicked their asses (of course).

Tuesday was a great day. Tuesday made me feel terrific. Cucumber and Mari had decided to spam my wall on Facebook, so with my breakfast I 'enjoyed' 72 notifications (with a few actually very nice comments from other friends, of course ;P). I had a quiet morning because L decided to sleep late. In the afternoon I enjoyed some cheesecakes with Leena, who is about to fly home. Poor her. Feels weird not seeing her again in the States.. I don't even want to think about August, when it's my turn to go home. Horrible.

Wednesday has been an awesome day. I thought the snowstorm is gonna ruin this day, but in fact it made it stupendous. The roads were cleared (meaning: I could easily take R to works, and safely as well, of course..), I got to sleep till noon, have breakfast in front of the TV, lie on my bed and just take it easy till late afternoon. Ann-Cathrin came over to entertain the girls and me, and though we ended up cleaning up beads on the basement floor for like half an hour we managed to enjoy ourselves. The girls totally love her, so we always have such a good time with the kids running around us. I even took out my camera to take a few pictures, was about time to take some (since I took the last pics on New Year's)! Tonight was named as girls' night, and it certainly has been that. I found out Ann-Cathrin dated a guy with a Wikipedia page, which almost made me fell off my bed. We've listened cheesy songs and talked about boys. A girls' night indeed. This should a weekly tradition, cuz it's so amusing.


U should never date a guy with a wikipedia page. Or maybe U should, at least Ann-Cathrin should not have dumped her wikipedia guy cuz he was freaking hot.

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