torstai 6. tammikuuta 2011

days 150 and 151

I have this weird "I wanna write in my blog in English all the time" thingy going on.. I hope you won't get bored with all these texts appearing here almost daily.

Today I want to share two things of my last two days.

1) I booked statue of liberty tickets for Feb for Ella and me (with crown access), so exciting!
2) L sang "oh na na, what's my name, oh na na" when we heard Rihanna's what's my name on the radio. She sang. I guess I should get back to kids' music..
3) I officially hate gas stations from now on. Anyone wanna pump gas in my car for the next seven months? Anyone?

Oops, that was three things. Well, whatever..

PS L and I had a tea party today. We ate chocolate pudding and drank tea with milk. She is a cutie^^

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