keskiviikko 12. tammikuuta 2011


As so many of you know, I'm not afraid of many things.. In fact, there's only one "major" thing I can think of when I need to tell what I am afraid of. That thing is bugs. Those nasty little creatures make me jump up the walls, my heart beat way too fast and my mind lose control. As so many other things, even the bugs are bigger here, a fact I didn't think of when I was planning this year.. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the Summer, especially with two host girls who hate bugs. Have I told you the story about a bug in our basement? That happened about three months ago, but I still check the corner where I found the bug, every single time I go to the basement. And I still think the same bug is there, since I of course couldn't kill it.. What I did was run away as fast as I could (I was alone!). I bet Annika still finds it amusing to memorize me calling her "I'm coming over and ur sleeping over at my place cuz I cannot be there alone" :D If I absolutely have to face a bug, I can do that but I'm not saying it's easy..

What brought me to this subject is something that happened to me yesterday. I was cleaning up some toys when all of a sudden a bug appeared right in front of me. That was the end of cleaning up toys in that room.

So, in conclusion, bugs, please, leave me alone. I'm just a harmless girl, I deserve to leave my life without you.

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