lauantai 5. helmikuuta 2011

Ann-Cathrin's b-day

My dear, dear friend Ann-Cathrin turned 20 today! Now when she's old, I cannot help thinking I will turn 20, too, and pretty damn soon.. Oh my goood!

But though it was a day of turning old (:P), we had awesome time! First we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and of course we told them it's a birthday party so they sang "Happy birthday" to Ann-Cathrin plus she got a candle on her cheesecake! Once again, cheesecakes didn't let us down and we also had pretty darn good salads, too! After lunch we drove to Ann-Cathrin's and played this game where you have to explain a word and your team members try to guess what word you're explaining (almost like Alias), but I already forgot the name of the game.. Though it was just for fun, OUR TEAM WON! Later we packed ourselves in the car and drove to Broad Axe, one of my and Ann-Cathrin's favorite places! It was a lot of fun, and my throat even hurts from all the laughing.. Oh and I found one more future husband! Though he looked young, I'm sure he is older than I am.. I couldn't join the others for a movie, but I'm not quite sure how sad I am for missing out The roommate-movie :P (cuz I was the one who had to drive home ALONE)

One more time: Happy, happy, happy birthday sweetie!

PS Why is it always our group who is the loudest and doesn't stop talking for a second? :D

4 kommenttia:

  1. Is that game Apples to Apples or something like that? :p

  2. Hmm, ei ollu tuo peli mut saman tapanen. Siinä oli sana joka piti selittää plus viis sanaa, joita ei saanu sanoo selittäessään:>

  3. Taboo! paras peli :P meki pelattii sita yks vklp, oon pelannu sita suomeksikin mutta enkuksi oli kylla hauskempaa :D

  4. Joo, just se! Ihan sikavaikee, mutta MAUKAS!